In 1999 Advanced Cutting was formed with the intention of supplying tools that are competitive in price and hold the highest standard in quality to all fabricators of natural stone. This goal was not an easy task to achieve; it required extensive knowledge of the stone industry and many years of experience in the importing business.

The founders of Advanced Cutting Diamond Products Inc. having over 30 years experience in importing/exporting and also a profound knowledge of the industry embarked upon this challenging goal and till now have significantly reached their objectives.

Over these years a large number of fabricators in Canada have dealt with Advanced Cutting Diamond Products Inc. and an overwhelming number of them can attest to the fact that we supply one of the highest quality products in the market with reasonable prices.


We offer tools to fabricate Marble, Granite and Engineered Stone. Our products include: Variety of CNC Tools, Diamond Blades, Grinding Wheels, Core Drill Bits, Wet/Dry Polishing Pads, Router Bits, Adhesives, Special Tools and Etc.

We are one of the most well known suppliers of tools and have served a large number of fabricators of Natural Stone in Canada. Our after sales service is one of our strong points. We pride ourselves in procuring products that are competitive in price and hold the highest standard in quality.

Shopping Methods

• Shopping via telephone
• Shopping during our regular scheduled visits across Ontario.


Shipment of products purchased by telephone will be through
• Direct delivery by Advanced Cutting, or
• UPS delivery

Free Shipping & Delivery

For all purchases over $500.00, shipment or delivery will be free of charge (except outside of Canada).

Delivery Time

Delivery period of products purchased by telephone:
• Depending on your choice of shipment, delivery time for all products in stock can be from over-night to 2 days.
• Delivery time for all products that are not in stock (except for Router Bits & CNC Tooling) is approximately 4 days.
• Delivery time for all Router Bits & CNC Tooling not in stock is approximately 10 days.